Revenge and Payback is so very sweet!

Now we all have a fantastic way to get revenge on those who have screwed us! How about that so called great friend, who did what to you? Don't forget that ex of your's, what have they done to you? How about that boss, want some payback? Now you can smile everyday!

Now is your time! Have fun at their expense

There is absolutly not any other web site or store that can offer this to anyone!

Now you can treat yourself every day to revenge! Here finally, is a gift to give to ourselves that will let us smile and relieve stress. This gift requires no maintenance; it is always there for you. You won’t have to go into a closet or drawer or lift a finger to enjoy it. Effortless enjoyment! Just sent to us a photo of anyone you dislike and we will waterproof that photo and supply the proper adhesive so you can place their face in your toilet! Yes, every day you will have the pleasure of doing your business right on their faces!

Toiletbuddies is not only a fun site, but also a very beneficial site, that can help you with stress relief and help lower blood pressure. Toiletbuddies is an inexpensive way to help relieve anger without getting yourself into trouble. You may not need prescriptions or have to visit a psychologist.

All of us, here at Toiletbuddies have experienced anger and being terribly upset, the same as you, through many difficult times in our own lives. We understand those feelings racing through you. So after many times of experiencing anger and being taken advantage of, we finally realized we were just hurting ourselves. So we at Toiletbuddies worked on and came up with a fantastic way for all of us to get all that anger and frustration out! A wonderful way to get relief without getting into any trouble or seeing a psychologist and without using any drugs.

Online Package

$ 19.95

This is the simplest option. Place your order online. Once payment is approved, upload your digital photo. We'll take care of the rest!

For our valued customer who would like to use the U.S. Mail

When ordering via PayPal or Credit Card please make note of your reciept number.
You will need it for the final step when sending us your photo

Toiletbuddies is so safe and such a great site, that we include all S&H and all Proper taxes.
"Remember don't be sad or angry, just laugh and get revenge at their expense!"

What our customers are saying




OMG! Thank You, I thought Toiletbuddies was another gimmick, but I was desperate. So I gave it a try and when I started to go on his miserable face, I truly started to feel some relief. As the weeks went by I started to laugh! Now I am over that guy and I don't aggravate myself any more.




Yes! I tried your site and it did work for me and I saved myself from getting into any trouble. Just letting you know. Thank You.


Karl B.

Best Friend! Right!

I lost my girl friend to my (best) friend. Now I crap on his face everyday. I do feel better. Thank you Toiletbuddies.


Barbara G.


Such a wonderful way to reduce stress, and it helps getting over him.